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Sister’s Run Cow’s Corner Grenache Shiraz Mataro (box of 6)

Variety: Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro
Region: Barossa Valley
Vintage: 2018

Purple red with a hint of that which is unfiltered, but a clear rim edge. A neat melding of the multitudinous fruit aromatics: heightened raspberry of Grenache, the earth and the peppery pluminess of Shiraz, and Mataro's leafiness, game, and clove. Shimmering in the bouquets background rest vanilla, nuts and a smoky coconut. A spirited and dancing mouthful of full red wine - generous fruit textures and grip, with a supporting superstructure of acid and some tannic sternness. Fresh, dark berry fruit flavours linger and intertwine with both the fruit tannins and oak tannins, drying out and stretching a mouth-coating and ultimately savoury red wine. Oak spice makes a fleeting allegro, which adds to the finish and to the length of the wine. Components come together and there is a natural unity at the end.

$108.00 Inc. GST

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