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Sister’s Run Bethlehem Block Cabernet (box of 6)

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: Barossa
Vintage: 2018

Purple and bright; dark-ruby; buoyant and alive. Blueberry fruit aromatics - very pert and forward. Cassis, freshly bottled and full of blackberry fruit. A hint of mint - which cabernet must always have. And then after a second glass, that waft of underpinned oak spice, that is all too-easily and properly incorporated into the Cabernet's fruit depth. Cabernet's innate reserve and tannic gruffness is here matched with the Barossa's generosity of spirit. They suit each other well. There's initial fruit profundity - all blue and blackberry at the height of a perfect season. Then there comes that extra Barossan dimension providing some ripeness and some graininess and some of those older smoother and broader tannins. The palate is structured, and acidity plays its part well, ending cleanly.

$108.00 Inc. GST

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