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Rolf Binder Bull’s Blood Shiraz Mataro Pressings

Variety: Shiraz
Region: Barossa Valley
Vintage: 2016

Rolf Binder Winery has been producing Bull’s Blood for more than 50 years. The blend comprises of two great Barossa varieties, Shiraz and Mataro. To give more intensity and complexity to the wine, it’s made using only the Mataro pressings taken from the Chri-Ro estate’s bush vine Mataro, planted in the 1880s. This very special fruit is blended with estate grown, premium Shiraz – some of our Hanisch Shiraz barrels even make it into this wine. Intense aromas and flavours of spice, red berry fruits, with hints of chocolate & more earthy characters are prevalent in this wine. It’s full bodied, yet perfectly balanced.

$58.00 Inc. GST

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