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Pressing Matters R0 (Super Dry) Riesling

Variety: Riesling
Region: Coal River Valley , Tasmania
Vintage: 2018

This super-dry Riesling is limestone base and cracking black clay soils at Pressing Matters provide mineral and the acid balance ensures longevity in the cellar. Most popular Riesling style and perhaps the most conventional; this is what is usually expected with a dry Riesling. The residual sugar, although only 9 grams, is enough to broaden the wine on the palate and the acidic lemon and lime found in the R0 give way to the sweeter versions of the fruit. Located in Tasmania’s Coal River Valley Pressing Matters is a small vineyard and winery that produces high quality, award winning Riesling and Pinot Noir. Almost 3ha of Riesling at the vineyard in the Coal River Valley.It is on a perfect north-facing slope, and the Mosel-style Rieslings are making their mark. By having only two varieties of grapes Pressing Matters is focused on producing wines that bring out the best of these varieties. Four styles of Riesling have varying levels of residual sugar, meaning are able to allow the fruit to express all of its characters over a range of wine styles.

$31.00 Inc. GST

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