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Lethbridge Estate Chardonnay

Variety: Chardonnay
Region: Suma Park Vineyard , Bellarine Peninsula.
Vintage: 2019

Fresh nectarine, hazelnut, ginger spice, and a touch of cream wound together with zesty acidity. This Chardonnay should develop over the next 5-10 years in the cellar, retaining acidity and the fruit flavour developing into grilled nuts and baked nectarines. The Lethbridge Chardonnay is made with fruit from the Suma Park Vineyard on the Bellarine Peninsula. The soils are a shallow sandy clay over a limestone base and the wine produced from this site always has an oyster shell minerality. The juice undergoes spontaneous fermentation in 100% new French oak and is matured in approx 50% new French oak puncheons. The cool climate means that we can ripen the fruit, with no fear of entering the over-ripe 'tropical fruit' spectrum and we know that the acidity will persist throughout the critical ripening period. The chardonnay pendulum of 'big and buttery' or 'lean and mean' is inconsequential, at Lethbridge , the trends aside and focus on delicious.

$39.00 Inc. GST

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