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Greenock Creek Seven Acre Shiraz

Variety: Shiraz
Region: Barrossa Valley
Vintage: 2016

Blackberry jam with burgundy hues. Notes of intense ripe cherry with ground coffee and black olives. Robust and concentrated. Intensely ripe plums and blackberries sweetness is balanced by a dense tar and dried fig mid palate. The tannins are earthy with a graphite/metallic edge to them that meld with the toasted American oak to create an assertive wine that has a full bodied roundness of flavours. Hand picked at optimal ripeness, the grapes are fermented in traditional open masonry fermenters with temperature managed through regular pump-overs before the fermented juice is gently extracted by our timber basket press. The wine is transferred to barrel to undergo natural MLF before being matured in American for approximately 27 months. When the wine is considered ready  it is bottled without filtering or fining.  

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