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Domaine Daniel Dampt Petit Chablis

Variety: Chardonnay 100%
Region: Bourgogne, France
Vintage: 2019

DOMAINE DANIEL DAMPT & FILS is proud to offer a range of high quality white wines, representative of the characteristics of Chardonnay as grown in Chablis , near Auxerre , in the northern part of wine producing Burgundy . The family estate produces high-quality bottles, in the four appellations well known to connoisseurs in France and elsewhere in the world: Chablis Grand Cru , Chablis Premier Cru , Chablis , Petit Chablis . Welcome to the territory of wines which know how to be fresh, lively, mineral, fleshy, supple or sharp depending on their terroir and their vintage, and which can wait in your cellar for the ideal opportunity to taste them. Frank attack for this wine with tangy notes. Its freshness will awaken your taste buds from its youth. An ideal evenings with family & friends.

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