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Dandelion Pride of the Fleurieu Cabernet Sauvignon

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: McLaren Vale
Vintage: 2018

Purple-black and brilliant; a dinnerjacket of velvet suiting. The bouquet comes first, that being the subtle in extremis waft of a distant half stave of a perfect barrel of French Oak. Yet like a shadow falling and a shadow which then disappears, the bouquet falls away and the aroma of carefully nurtured Cabernet Sauvignon grapes springs elegantly to life: a panoply of red and forest berry aromatics, touches of the green and savoury, such as capsicum, fennel and fresh herbs. Everything is built around this wine’s small yet powerful core of mulberry and blueberry and raspberry fruit. As if compressed by eons of time this fruit spins slowly and awaits. Softer riper fruits and finely grained tannins orbit around it, offering a round and welcoming yet savoury glass of red wine. The after-palate is all black fruits and drying tannins that stretch and linger.

$20.00 Inc. GST

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