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50 Degree Trocken Riesling

Variety: Riesling
Region: Rheingau , Germany
Vintage: 2020

This wine is named for the 50° degree of latitude, which runs through the middle of the Rheingau, and has been crafted in a style that perfectly reflects the heart of this region. The vines here are planted on south-facing slopes and are protected from the cold northern winds by the Taunus Hills. The style of wine, which is marked by its low residual sweetness, is called Trocken - that means dry. This wine has aromas of orange blossom, a fresh taste with delicious fruity notes of citrus fruits and apples. Soft and fresh with a lively acidity and a crisp finish. Superb with fresh fish and seafood, according to the herbs and spices used , goes well with Asian cuisine.

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