Craving That Great Shiraz….

Craving That Great Shiraz….

Over the past year and into 2019, we have heard a repeating line; “I’m just looking for a great Shiraz.”.

Of course, finding that flavoursome Shiraz at a sweet price can be tedious, so we’ve compiled some great drops at prices that you’ll find is best across the market.


Craving That Great Shiraz….

We have grown rather fond of the Marchall Shiraz, and for good reason. It’s got the boldness, the freshness and the exquisite savoury finish that stuns clients when they try it for the first time. We’ve only discovered this a couple of years ago, but we still hold this close dearly.

As such, we’ve given it a fitting stunning price.

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Tim Smith Bugalugs has a wonderful combination of dark fruit, vanilla, cocoa and hints of light spices. Its soft smooth and fulfilling texture enhances a fine tannin that highlights the rich but not heavy impact.

Craving That Great Shiraz….

What is there to say about Greenock Creek?

Its nose, just by itself with its floral intensity is wonderful to take in. Additionally, the long lasting rich palate with structured boldness that totally deserves awe, is just the tip of the Casey's Block beauty.

We do also sometime gain some back vintage gems from Greenock Creek winery, so give us a call or email for any other varieties such as Alice's Shiraz and Apricot Block.

Craving That Great Shiraz….

Winning numerous awards is a good place to start establishing how fabulous this shiraz is, alongside the winery's ambition for a wow factor at affordable prices. Your first interaction with the shiraz's nose and taste is just the beginning of delicious flavour affair. It just gets better and better.

Fantastic wine, fantastic price, really there's not enough reasons to not try this shiraz.


We all like a good pairing between a delicious dinner dish and an accompanying wine. Really, the Tim Adams Aberfeldy can be matched, the bow that ties the dish together perfectly or could become the star of the dinner itself.

An allowance from the winemaker towards mild acid levels in the grapes to increase whilst slowing sugar development, results in excellent flavour profiles and an ideal even tannin.

Patiently allowing the shiraz to breathe in a decanter is definitely worth the wait.

An iconic wine that has collected plenty of awards, it is a must try.

Power, elegance and great finesse.

Seriously, it's great.

Craving That Great Shiraz….

Balancing the need for vibrancy and maturity, Bishop Shiraz is from a combination of fruit from fresh younger vines, whilst Shiraz from the oldest blocks in the Ebenezer vineyard give structure and enhance palate profile.

Altogether, we get wisps of cloves, nutmeg and five spice add definition to the layers of dark stone fruits and espresso.

The palate has density yet also displays savoury, textural components and fine-grained ripe tannins. A perfect food wine that is fresh and flavoursome and finishes with impressive length and depth.

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